Square's Vim Enthusiasts

When you start working at a new job, it takes a while to get used to the house style. Some companies have dotfiles to get you started, others have... Maximum Awesome.

In Fly Vim, First-Class, Vim enthusiasts at Square discuss this collection of Vim scripts:

Maximum Awesome comes with many of the features you expect from a full IDE: syntax highlighting, code completion, error highlighting, etc. There are also some components included beyond Vim. Maximum Awesome comes with iTerm 2, a replacement for Terminal, a tmux config, and the Solarized color scheme. This just scratches the surface, though. Hop over to the README for a more exhaustive list.

Another company that is vocal about its love of Vim is thoughtbot. The thoughtbot dotfiles include Vim settings: thoughtbot / dotfiles.

Although I think it's good that these companies promote Vim, be careful with collections like Maximum Awesome. It's easy to rely on plugins when a deeper understanding of Vim could result in more longterm productivity. It's easy to learn a subset of skills that you can get by on rather than a more complete suite of Vim wizardry.

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