Script Roundup: fixkey, nextfile


fixkey (GitHub: drmikehenry / vim-fixkey, License: Vim) by Michael Henry helps console Vim access metakeys that are usually difficult to map correctly.

It takes a fair bit of work to set up: the fixkey documentation has guides for each popular terminal type, including tmux and screen. If I understand the source correctly, it seems to map new keys to <F13> to <F37>, and then <S-F13> to <S-F37>, giving 50 possible keys.

Once it's set up, :nnoremap can be used to map previously inaccessible metakeys, just like gVim.


nextfile (GitHub: bighostkim / nextfile.vim, License: MIT) by Allen Kim is a script for quickly switching between sets of files. If you're fed up of navigating between a file and its associated tests then nextfile may be what you're looking for.

It uses a function called AddNextFile that takes in regular expressions to determine how to switch between files. The example in the readme is for a Node project, but it could be easily adapted if you s/js/py or whatever language you use. There's even an elaborate example for the rather baroque way Rails works.

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