Script Roundup: Move, Hardtime



Move (GitHub: matze / vim-move, License: MIT) by Matthias Vogelgesang is a plugin for quickly moving text in Normal or Visual mode:

It's annoying to delete and paste parts of a text just to move it up and down a bit. There is the :m[ove] command but it is quite awkward to use by todays standards. vim-move is a Vim plugin that moves lines and selections in a more visual manner.

The default shortcuts are <A-k> and <A-j>, and these commands can be prefixed with a numerical argument to specify the number of lines to move by.

I found setting the meta-key to control made it work on a Mac, with let g:move_key_modifier = 'C', otherwise your terminal will need to be configured to send Alt+Esc (I think).


Hardtime (GitHub: takac / vim-hardtime) by Tom Cammann is inspired by vim-hardmode -- it basically trains you out of bad habits:

Hardtime helps you break that annoying habit vimmers have of scrolling up and down the page using jjjjj and kkkkk but without compromising the rest of our Vim experience.

It works using a timeout on the keys you want to stop repeating, i.e. h, j, k, l, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. This timeout is set to 1 second. After 1 second you can use a movement key again.

Once it's installed, you can enable it with :HardTimeOn and turn it off with :HardTimeOff. You can even set let g:hardtime_default_on = 1 in your .vimrc to make it run automatically in every buffer.

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