Script Roundup: Bbye, Enhanced JavaScript Syntax


Bbye (GitHub: moll / vim-bbye, License: Affero GPL) by Andri Möll allows buffers to be closed without changing Vim's window layout:

Vim by default closes all windows that have the buffer (file) open when you do :bdelete. If you've just got your splits and columns perfectly tuned, having them messed up equals a punch in the face and that's no way to tango.

Once Bbye is installed, you can use it with :Bdelete to unload the current buffer.

Enhanced JavaScript Syntax for Vim

Enhanced JavaScript Syntax for Vim (GitHub: jelera / vim-javascript-syntax, License: Vim) by Jose Elera adds some improvements to the original Vim syntax file. Highlights include better handling of brackets, semicolons, DOM-related keywords, and logical operators.

It also improves code folding, which can be enabled with au FileType javascript call JavaScriptFold().

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