Mobile Vim Cheat Sheet

I have a relatively long daily commute, so I like to use the time productively: if I get a seat on the train I'll work on my blog posts and books, otherwise I'll read on my Kindle. One thing I'd like more of is resources for learning new skills on mobile devices: I think services like Code School are great, but they'd be better if they could cache content for offline reading and had responsive designs so I could learn on the go.

The cheat sheet on an Android device.

This mobile-friendly Vi cheat sheet is partly like that -- it's a cheat sheet that'll look good on your desktop or mobile device. It could work as a companion to VimTouch, or perhaps even something you can use as a mobile flash card for memorising new commands.

There's a discussion on Hacker News about it, where HN readers have submitted suggestions and fixes.

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