Script Roundup: npm.vim, sexy_scroller.vim


If you don't use Node, you probably think npm is a flavour of the month hipster thing. I'm not sure if that's true, but I like npm a lot, so I looked at Afshin Mehrabani's npm.vim (GitHub: afshinm / npm.vim) with genuine interest. This script is currently very simple -- :Npm module will install module. There's nothing more to it, but the author has included documentation and packaged the plugin so it's easy to install with Pathogen and Vundle.

Hopefully he's using it as a placeholder for some cool time saving features that Node developers will enjoy soon...


sexyscroller.vim (GitHub: joeytwiddle / sexyscroller.vim) is different to other smooth scrolling scripts, claims the author Joey Twiddle, because it provides easing, operates on general movements, and uses winrestview.

It has options for controlling the scrolling speed, easing function, and can be easily toggled with :SexyScrollerToggle.

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