Vim Cheat Sheet Poster: 2.0

Vim Poster

I already wrote about the Vim Cheat Sheet Poster by Max Cantor last year. I had it hanging in my office and referred to it numerous times while working and writing this blog. The new version can be pre-ordered and costs $25 plus shipping. There will be a sneak peek on July 31st.

The last version was good quality, although slightly heavy so it fell off my wall a few times (I used Blu-Tack but it really needs pins). If you're interested in getting yourself a large Vim cheat sheet I'd order now to help Max get the project going:

I'll be funding the second print run with income from the pre-orders, similar to how the Kickstarter worked. This pre-order option is for people who want to give extra support to the project and have a unique opportunity at providing feedback during the design process.

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