Script Roundup: MiniBufExpl, vim-github-comment

MiniBufExpl Updates

Techlive Zheng sent in an update for MiniBufExpl (GitHub: techlivezheng / vim-plugin-minibufexpl. This is an old plugin that has passed between several authors, but continues to be popular thanks to Zheng's updates. The most recent release is 6.5.0, which includes a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

If you haven't seen it before, MiniBufExpl adds a small bar that displays each buffer and allows buffers to be navigated. The list looks like tabs, so it essentially makes Vim behave more like a typical GUI editor where buffers and tabs are equivalent.


vim-github-comment (GitHub: mmozuras / vim-github-comment, License: MIT) by Mindaugas MozĊĞras allows you to post a GitHub comment about the last line that was committed. It does this by using the command-line git binary and curl to access GitHub's API.

To use the plugin, you'll need to set your GitHub username with g:github_user, and you can also make it open a browser at the page where the comment was posted by setting g:github_comment_open_browser. For more, see the documentation.

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