Script Roundup: vim-origami, vim-c-cr

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Origami (GitHub: kshenoy / vim-origami, License: _MIT/X11) by Kartik Shenoy is a plugin for working with folds. It can align foldmarkers, insert start and end foldmarkers, and more.

The default mappings are all prefixed with <Leader>. For example, <Leader>zax aligns all folds at level x, and <Leader>ze deletes the current foldmarker.


vim-c-cr (GitHub: jtmkrueger / vim-c-cr) by John Krueger remaps CTRL-Enter and CTRL-C to add new behaviour for working with brackets. Positioning the cursor over {, [, or ( and hitting CTRL-Enter will cause Vim to insert two new lines, with the corresponding closing bracket on the second line.

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