Script Roundup: Vim Table Mode, Move Until Char Changes

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Vim Table Mode

Dhruva Sagar sent in Vim Table Mode (GitHub: dhruvasagar / vim-table-mode, License: MIT), a plugin for automatically creating and formatting tables. A recent update adds support for calculations, allowing tables to behave like spreadsheets.

There's a demonstration video on YouTube that covers the basic features.

Move Until Char Changes

I coincidentally found a spreadsheet-inspired script called move_until_char_changes.vim by Joey Twiddle, which mimics the Ctrl-Arrow shortcut in Excel. This allows you to move until there's a new character under the cursor. It has various options:

let g:move_stay_in_column   = 1   " Will not stop on shorter lines than the one we started on
let g:move_skip_empty_lines = 1   " Never stop on an empty line (if also unifying, never stop on whitespace)
let g:move_unify_whitespace = 1   " Tab, space and empty-line are all considered the same.
let g:move_once_at_start    = 1   " Don't stop on the very next line just because it has a different char from the current!
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