24-bit Vim

If you've been following the recent Vim updates posted to vim_dev, then you may be interested in ZyX's work on supporting 24-bit colours in Vim:

There is ISO-8613-3 standard for 24-bit color in terminals: \e[38;2;{R};{G};{B}m (foreground, 48 for background) ({R},{G},{B} are decimal integers from 0 to 255). Currently it is fully supported only* by konsole and partially** in xterm. On Windows there is support for this in ConEmu. I am working on supporting this in vim (it will use guifg/guibg attributes in terminal). Working version, bookmark 24-bit-xterm. Does not work if you try to compile with gui support enabled.

This was posted to the Powerline issue list. Kim Silkebækken (Lokaltog) said he's already using Konsole and accepted the Powerline patch. ZyX also posted about using 24-bit colours in tmux:

Currently you can use tmux_escape option as a workaround if you want true color in shell run under tmux. No true color in tmux statusline though.

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