Vim 7.3.999 and Beyond

It turns out Vim did reach version 7.3.999, and then 7.3.1000 and beyond:

  • 7.3.999 - New regexp engine sets curbuf temporarily, use reg_buf instead, like the old engine
  • 7.3.1000 - Typo in char value causes out of bounds access, fix character value
  • 7.3.1001 - Duplicate condition in if, remove one condition
  • 7.3.1002 - Valgrind errors for Python interface, fix memory leaks when running tests
  • 7.3.1003 - Python interface does not compile with Python 2.2
  • 7.3.1004 - No error when option could not be set, report an error

These patches pertain to the promised regular expression and Python interface improvements, so work is definitely culminating towards 7.4. The Vim Announce list will be updated when the next release is ready, although it can be interesting to follow the incremental patches on the vim_dev list.

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