Script Roundup: tbone.vim, Niji

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tbone.vim (GitHub: tpope / vim-tbone, License: Vim) by Tim Pope provides some integration between Vim and tmux. The :Tmux command executes arbitrary tmux commands with tab completion, and :Tyank and :Tput gives you access to tmux's buffers.

Would you like to paste a shell command into another pane over and over again? I am sorry but you will have to install one of the 300 other Vim plugins for tmux.


Niji (GitHub: amdt / vim-niji, License: Vim) by Alastair M. D. Touw is another rainbow parentheses plugin that has been influenced by previous similar plugins, including RainbowParenthsis.vim, Lisp.vim, and rainbow_parentheses.vim.

It comes with two themes, and is configured to work with Lisp, Scheme, and Clojure, but can be set to work with all files by using g:niji_match_all_filetypes. The colour-related options (g:niji_dark_colours, g:niji_dark_colours) use the British spelling of colour, so keep an eye out for that if things don't seem to work as expected.

The documentation is detailed with full installation instructions.

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