Script Roundup: MarkMyWords, breeze.vim

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MarkMyWords (GitHub: dahu / MarkMyWords, License: Vim) by Barry Arthur allows you to create bookmarks for files and Vim's documentation. Creating a bookmark is as simple as typing :MMWMarkLine, and jumping to a bookmark is performed with :MMWSelect <tag>.

The bookmarks are saved in markmywords.tags, so anything you save should be available between sessions.


Breeze (GitHub: gcmt / breeze.vim, License: MIT) by Giacomo Comitti is a plugin for working with HTML. It has EasyMotion-inspired navigation, tag matching, element highlighting, and DOM navigation.

When jumping between tags, Breeze will annotate them with a letter that can be used to trigger a jump. Opening and closing tags are highlighted for the current cursor, but the author notes that this might be inefficient for large files. The DOM navigation supports tree-based navigation, so you can invoke things like BreezeNextSibling and BreezeLastChild.

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