Script Roundup: vim-signify, vim-redl

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vim-signify (GitHub: mhinz / vim-signify, License: Vim), or Sy, by Marco Hinz, uses signs to show linewise changes in a file. It works with lots of version control systems: git, mercurial, darcs, bazaar, subversion, cvs, and rcs (phew!). It's configurable, and has some clever navigation features -- g:signify_mapping_next_hunk and g:signify_mapping_prev_hunk can be set to jump between changed lines.

Other options allow the sign colours to be changed, and the plugin can be toggled per-buffer.

It also has a cool figlet banner in the help file. What's not to like?!


vim-redl (GitHub: dgrnbrg / vim-redl, License: Vim) provides another option for Clojure and Vim integration:

This plugin integrates Vim with a running Clojure JVM. It provides a repl that supports breakpoints, documentation lookup, source code navigation, and omnicompletion.

It also includes a debug repl, which allows break to be called. The omnicompletion is cool, but requires redl to be loaded in the connected JVM instance, so make sure you've got everything setup properly before getting mad at it.

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