Script Roundup: eighties.vim, thwins

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eighties.vim (GitHub: justincampbell / vim-eighties, License: MIT) by Justin Campbell will automatically resize windows when switching between them. It calculates the size based on the longest line and takes into account signs -- the default width is 80 characters. It ignores file browsers, so it won't resize NERDTree.

The configuration options are as follows:

let g:eighties_enabled = 1
let g:eighties_minimum_width = 80 
let g:eighties_extra_width = 0 " Increase this if you want some extra room
let g:eighties_compute = 1 " Disable this if you just want the minimum + extra


thwins (GitHub: mitnk / thwins) "three windows" by Hugo Wang makes Vim display three windows -- one main window with two vertically split windows in the right column, and was inspired by dwm.vim.

It has shortcuts for "zooming" into the main window, and various other window manipulation functions. Full documentation is available in the project's readme.

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