Medium and Hard Mode

In Habit breaking, habit making, Drew Neil mentions avoiding using motions that only move the cursor one row or column at a time. Hard Mode by Matt Parrott and Xeross takes this idea further by adding HardMode() to Vim which removes all character-wise navigation:

The philosophy behind Hard Mode is that you'll never master Vim's advanced motion and search functionality if you can fall back on the anti-pattern of fumbling around your code with the arrow keys.

That makes it an interesting way to force yourself to master a larger repertoire of motions, like fFtT and ,.

Meanwhile, Medium Mode, by Keith Barrette is less strict than Hard Mode:


  Set the list of motion keys that medium mode will remap

    Default: ['h', 'j', 'k', 'l', '', '', '', '']

The looser defaults in Medium Mode make it able to cope with the times when you actually do want to just move a single line or character.

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