Script Roundup: vim-tmuxify, vim-git-log

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vim-tmuxify (GitHub: mhinz / vim-tmuxify, License: BSD) by Marco Hinz allows tmux to be controlled from within Vim.

Panes can be associated with tmuxify and then manipulated using various commands. For example, <leader>ms will prompt for text and send it to the associated pane. Panes can be created, deleted, cleared, and you can even send the interrupt signal.


vim-git-log (GitHub: kablamo / vim-git-log) by Eric Johnson is an extension to Fugitive that allows Git's log to be viewed. Almost any argument that can be passed to git log can be used, except --pretty (because presumably the script needs to interpret the output of log).

The plugin provides a :GitLog command, and the author has a colour scheme to make vimdiff look less like it was created by "crazy clowns".

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