Tern: Better JavaScript Completion

Tern is an open source JavaScript project designed to run as a server that sends completion results to compatible editors. The author is looking for a "Vim expert" to help finish the Vim plugin. The project has an Indiegogo funding page and quickly met its goal.

"Tern is a piece of software. It dives into the muddy depths of a JavaScript system to locate the information that it was asked for. Combined with an editor plug-in, it can make the life of a JavaScript programmer a lot more pleasant."

The project was created by Marijn Haverbeke and is currently on GitHub, released under the MIT license. The source is based on the Acorn parser.

"Tern parses and analyzes a program on the fly, using a simple form of type inference along with a lot of heuristics and dirty tricks to approximate the types of the variables and expressions in the program."

Since the project has met its funding goal, the author has announced "stretch goals" -- the first of these was Node support, which involves making Tern work with the CommonJS module system. The next goal is additional editor support -- voting for editors is open now.

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