Script Roundup: obsession.vim, vim-multiedit

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obsession.vim (GitHub: tpope / vim-obsession, License: Vim) by Tim Pope provides some sugar for working with Vim's session files. It automatically calls :mksession before exiting, and whenever the layout changes.

To start using it, type :Obsess with an optional file or path. Session files can then be loaded with vim -S or :source.


vim-multiedit (GitHub: hlissner / vim-multiedit, License: MIT) by Henrik Lissner is a plugin for working with multiple selections, based on Felix Riedel's earlier work.

Once several selections have been made, edits can be applied to each region. This is done by using the mappings documented in :help multiedit-mappings. Regions can be added, cleared, and restored, and then editing is started by issuing :Multiedit or :Multiedit! (change mode).

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