Script Roundup: movar, vim-fat-finger

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Inspired by the Vim London meetup, Rob Miller wrote movar (GitHub: robmiller / vim-movar) which adds some motions for moving around variables in PHP and Ruby. He's used the onoremap command with a function that builds up a string that searches using searchpos.

Typing av will select around a variable, while iv selects inner variables (thereby ignoring the variable's prefix, like $). These motions work with operators as well, so you can delete, change, or yank.


vim-fat-finger (GitHub: chip / vim-fat-finger, fat-finger) by Chip Castle supports over 4,000 commonly typed misspellings, which are corrected using the iabbrev command. It doesn't have any settings, but the author has mentioned a toggle feature in the project's TODO file.

I'm not sure where the misspellings come from, but I thought the iabbrev spelling correction idea was interesting.

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