Script Roundup: Vimpanel, Seek

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Vimpanel (GitHub: mihaifm / vimpanel) by "mihaifm" is a new tree explorer, influenced by NERD Tree. Panels can be created based around projects, and can be comprised of different folders and files as required. Sessions are supported, so the state of panels and windows can be reloaded after exiting Vim.

Vimpanel is more like the project navigation panels found in GUI text editors like Sublime Text or TextMate, rather than being purely oriented around file system navigation.


Seek (GitHub: goldfeld / vim-seek, License: Vim) by Vic Goldfeld shows we still haven't mined the depths of the flexibility provided by the concept of motions. It provides a new motion, s, which works like f. Where f takes a single character as an argument to jump to the next occurrence, Seek takes two characters, thereby reducing the number of potential matches.

This script, though relatively simple, generated a lot of interest on Hacker News at the weekend: Show HN: A New Basic Vim Motion.

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