Script Roundup: togglecursor, jk-jumps

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togglecursor (GitHub: jszakmeister / vim-togglecursor, License: Vim) by John Szakmeister will change the cursor to a caret-style graphic when entering insert mode in iTerm and Konsole. I tested it in iTerm2 and it works. I'm not sure how I feel about it though, it makes the cursor harder to see on my screen which is probably a bad idea.

The script itself takes into account tmux, and I confirmed it works with Vim in tmux as well.


jk-jumps (GitHub: teranex / jk-jumps.vim, License: Vim) by Jeroen Budts makes j and k add entries into the jumplist, so they behave more like jump motions (:help jump-motions). If I'm reading the source correctly, it remaps j and k to work using the G command, which modifies the jumplist.

The thinking behind this is that moving using j and k with count arguments makes the jumplist confusing, but that depends on whether or not you use those commands to navigate like that.

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