Christmas Gifts for Vim Hackers

It's testament to how popular programming and Vim have become that it's not actually too difficult to come up with gift ideas for Vim hackers. This year has seen some cool projects take off thanks in part to crowdsourcing sites, but also due to a resurgence of interest in Vim.

Here are just some of my gift ideas for Vim hackers.

Book: Practical Vim

Practical Vim

Practical Vim by Drew Neil, which I reviewed in October, is one of the best books on Vim in existence. The eBook starts at just $20.00 from Pragmatic Programmers.

Poster: Vim Cheat Sheet

Vim Cheat Sheet

The Vim Cheat Sheet Poster started life as a Kickstarter project. The 39" x 27" version costs $25, and I have one hanging in my office, silently reminding me to research Vim 101 posts when I'm doing my consultancy work.

Clothing: HJKL Vi T-Shirts

HJKL shirt

These HJKL Vi T-Shirts are still available, but order now if you want one because there's only 14 hours and 40 minutes left at the time of writing!

HJKL Cherry MX Keycap

HJKL Cherry MX Keycap

Gamers like WASD keys, we like HJKL keys with little arrows. Not because we forget which key does what, but simply because they look cool. These cherry caps are $6.49 from WASD Keyboards.

Custom Vim Key

Vim keycap

This custom Vim key is another cherry keycap with the Vim logo on it. It might not be still available, but TechKeys has a bunch of other interesting keycaps.

Mechanical Keyboards

New mechanical keyboards are expensive, but there's definitely a correlation between Vim fans and mechanical keyboard users. I got my own tenkeyless Realforce from The Keyboard Company, who are based in the UK and sell many European and US variants of Filco and Realforce keyboards.

EliteKeyboards in the US also has a great range of 'boards, and WASD Keyboards sell customised mechanical keyboards.

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