Script Roundup: TabLineNumbers, yankstack.vim

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TabLineNumbers (License: WTFPL), by Dmitry Konishchev and added to by Alexander Tarmolov, adds numbers to tabs in Vim. The original plugin can be found on Dmitry's blog, and this edited version has comments in English. It uses a function that rebuilds the tabline, inserting numbers and close symbols as required.


yankstack.vim (GitHub: maxbrunsfeld / vim-yankstack, License: Vim) by Max Brunsfeld allows yank, delete, and put to act more like a stack by changing the behaviour of the default register. This is inspired by the Emacs kill ring.

The stack can be displayed by typing :Yanks, the output of which is similar to :reg.

The author has included tests created with his Vimbot library. Vimbot allows Vim tests to be scripted with Ruby 1.9.

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