Script Roundup: butane.vim, longline.vim

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butane.vim (GitHub: Soares / butane.vim, License: Vim) by Nate Soares, originally based on Vim Tip #165, adds a command called :Bclose which closes the current buffer without rearranging the window layout.

This plugin checks the modified state of the buffer, and displays an error message when closing an edited buffer. The :Bclose! command can be used to force a window to close.


longline.vim (GitHub: Soares / longline.vim, License: Vim) also by Nate Soares highlights lines that are too long. The line length can be set based on filetype, and it also has hooks for updating statusline.

The length that is considered too long can be set with g:longline_maxlength, and g:longline_filetype_map is a dictionary of lengths based on filetype. Typing :LongLine will toggle highlighting.

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