Script Roundup: GrepTasks, easybuffer.vim

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GrepTasks (GitHub: vim-scripts / GrepTasks) by Ingo Karkat helps search for FIXME, TODO, and other markers. The current buffer can be searched, and also all files in the argument-list.

The plugin's readme file also mentions TaskMotions.vim which adds movement commands for markers.


easybuffer.vim (GitHub: troydm / easybuffer.vim, License: Vim) by Dmitry Geurkov displays buffers in a table-like view with shortcut keys for quickly switching between them. The keyboard shortcuts for switching buffers are defined in g:easybuffer_chars.

The buffer view can be opened vertically or horizontally, and there are shortcuts for opening based on the current window's position, like :EasyBufferHorizontalBelow.

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