Vim 101: QuickFix and Grep

QuickFix is designed to display compiler errors -- a list of errors is displayed and can be selected to jump to a specific file and line. It's also used for :vimgrep -- each item in the results list is displayed and can be used to navigate between files.

Typing :grep Vim *.md will find matches for the word Vim in all the Markdown files in the current directory. Typing :copen will open the quickfix list:


The standard window navigation and movement commands can be used to enter the quickfix list and switch between files. Another way to move between files is to use the quickfix commands:

  • :cn -- Go to the next location in the list
  • :cp -- Go to the previous location
  • :ccl -- Close the quickfix window

There are a lot more commands, many of which are specific to dealing with errors.

The quickfix window can be moved just like any other window. Typing CTRL-W K (that's a capital K) will move the quickfix window to the top.

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